How to generate opensource licenses credits web page



I have a distro which is not using any package manager in the image. Images are deployed atomically.

I'd like to make a script to generate the credits / acknowledgement web page for all the open source components to ease the task and make sure I don't forget anyone.

In the actual image I have the list of the licenses in /usr/share/licenses/ which is good, but I'm missing the SUMMARY, DESCRIPTION, and HOMEPAGE fields we declare in the recipes which would be nice to display

Is there any built-in way to bring that information in the image?

I noticed that in the image's build directory there is /image-name/1.0-r0/oe-rootfs-repo/aarch64/Packages which if I understand correctly has the ipk package list with the missing information.

Is there a way to copy that file in the image after do_rootfs completes?


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