Yocto Technical Team Minutes, Engineering Sync, for August 4 2020

Trevor Woerner

Yocto Technical Team Minutes, Engineering Sync, for August 4 2020
archive: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ly8nyhO14kDNnFcW2QskANXW3ZT7QwKC5wWVDg9dDH4/edit

== disclaimer ==
Best efforts are made to ensure the below is accurate and valid. However,
errors sometimes happen. If any errors or omissions are found, please feel
free to reply to this email with any corrections.

== attendees ==
Trevor Woerner, Stephen Jolley, Armin Kuster, Richard Purdie, Josef
Holzmayr, Joshua Watt, Alejandro H, Steve Sakoman, Bruce Ashfield,
(phone-in), Jon Mason, Scott Murray, Denys Dmytriyenko, Matthew Zeng,
Philip Balister, Peter Kjellerstedt, Saul Wold, Tim Orling, Ross Burton

== notes ==
- 3.1.2 released
- 3.1-m2 in QA
- qemumips issues continue on AB
- published doc on inclusive language
- published doc on future directions
- intermittent AB failures, but seems to be going down
- lots of unassigned bugs, please pitch in
- 3.0.4 (last build of 3.0 series, zeus) probably built sometime next week (if
everything stays good)
- project tracking metrics are good, probably the best in roughly 18 months
- overall project appears healthy and growing

== general ==
RP: relatively quiet week
RP: binutils update caused perf issues, Bruce already submitted a patch
RP: infrastructure has issues today (some parts are down) Michael is aware

RP: inclusive language: agreed on by various groups in the project. please
join in.

RP: future directions is something we’ve been working on for a while, please
take a look

RP: i’ve been looking at the sphynx doc update (hi Nico!)
RP: Nico has been making great progress. i’d like to make improvements to
how doc versions are selected, looking into what sphynx can do for us. i
think Nico is about to publish a list of ways to contribute(?)

Timo: bug triage: we decided to create a new mailing list for AB failures. any
name suggestions?
RP: i think it wasn’t AB failures, but QA reports
SS: yes
RP: with AB1 we realised that what was being emailed out was wrong, with AB2
we never re-enabled/re-implemented it. the problem with an AB failures
list was that people started reporting general failures not happening on
AB. the idea was to shut down the build failures list and create a QA list
RP: we could create it, if there is demand, but i don’t think the demand is
Timo: i’d rather get an email than staring at the AB2 UI
RP: having that email sounds great, but we don’t have the code in place or
anyone to create/maintain it
Timo: fedora project has some stuff that maybe we could use
RP: resource issue, patch-test and patchwork are limping along already
Timo: fyi, Intel is hoping to take a look (shortly) at patch-test and
patchwork (it’s in the queue)
RP: thankfully some tools are getting tested since they have test suites,
hopefully more tools will get test suites

TW: we had a nice OEHH last Wednesday, thanks to all for the opportunity, nice
to see people attending
Timo: i appreciate it too
Crofton: i’ve created an OE calendar with the dates going forward, let me
know how that works

TW: time to start planning for next YPDD?
Armin: yes, David was on yesterday’s advocacy meeting and said he was taking
a lead on it

SS: getting ready for next LTS release, please take a look at the current CVE
list (we’re getting it down)
Armin: what’s different between having Steve send it out rather than the AB?
RP: i think generating it automatically causes it to end up in a black hole
that nobody looks at. i prefer to have it be more personal
SS: it is automatically generated
Timo: we also have tool (from WR)
RP: that is a good tool (the WR one). i’d like to see SS’s tool released
too so we can say “this is what we’re using”
Crofton: is YP security list still a thing?
(varous): yes, there is a mailing list
Crofton: it appears dead, bad for people to sign up then not see any activity
Armin: i thought there were hooks
Scott: the hooks stopped working a while back, there hasn’t been an email to
that list in months. talks to get it working again (MarkH)
RP: there was a datacentre move a while back, maybe that’s what happened
TW: oecommits emails stopped at end of March, maybe same thing?
Scott: or maybe the groups.io move?

Scott: yesterday, announcement of the new open software security foundation
(which appears to be an LF project) did OE/YP get invited?
Crofton: i posted that on twitter, i’ll get back with the replies. chances
are we could use their help and they could use ours
RP: it’s the first i’ve heard of this, i’ve discussed with LF to have
better communication between LF members, especially for new foundations,
we weren’t notified but we should try to reach out
Timo: is there any regular LF-wide meeting within LF?
RP: no
Crofton: closest would be the Leadership Conference
RP: coordination between all the LF projects is hard and doesn’t exist (yet,
at least not to the degree that maybe it could)

Timo: fop is a “you should have this installed if you want to generate the
Timo: do we know how some of our diagrams were generated? do we have the
RP: i’m guessing not. i looked at some of them recently and noticed some
tweaking was needed and was wondering how we’d do that

Timo: last week Thea had some ideas for solving some of our resourcing issues.
e.g. looking at stats of past contributors can help find resources
Armin: i was at yesterday’s advocacy meeting, and this wasn’t a big topic
of discussion
Scott: is foundries.io a member now?
RP: yes
Scott: needs to be added to website
RP: odd, they are a silver member now

Bruce: hoping to go with 5.8 kernel (and related libc headers) for gatesgarth.
things are looking good, lots of pain (strace!) but coming along well

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