Re: Documentation: Default FILESDIR

Paul Eggleton

On Thursday 01 March 2012 15:36:27 Rifenbark, Scott M wrote:
Please look at
l#platdev-appdev-insitu in the YP Reference manual. This is the section you
refer to in this mail. The link in this latest version correctly goes to
the referenced Quilt section, which has significantly changed. The little
paragraph you quote below is now basically part of the 9-step Quilt process
in the YP Dev manual

Can you look at these two sections now and then provide me with FILESPATH
information so I can create a glossary entry for the item and possibly work
the use of FILESPATH into the updated Quilt section?
I think additional file paths are outside the scope of the Quilt section
itself, but it could easily link to a separate section that does discuss it.

It's worth noting though that we tend not to modify FILESPATH directly
anymore; instead we use FILESEXTRAPATHS. I believe there are examples of using
this in the BSP guide, although we do still need to have this documented in
the reference manual.



Paul Eggleton
Intel Open Source Technology Centre

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