Re: one way hash analogy of yocto

Rob Prowel <rprowel@...>

On 2020-07-31 08:53, Quentin Schulz wrote:

I do not know if there is such a mechanism for tasks, but the
bitbake-layers should help you get started in your quest of overridden
Also, I'm not sure it matters much where the tasks are overridden? Just
override them again with your own bbappend (especially if it's a layer
you don't own (read upstream or provided by vendor)).
Thanks for the prompt followup. Yeah, the two comments above are related in my nightmare so I'll address both of them together.

vendor has layers that I am NOT modifying, and unfortunately I'm not 100% sure that they didn't modify poky or meta-oe in what they shipped to me. Just haven't had time to download and compare those layers to yocto official sources.

I really do need to be able to inspect what they've done in their BSP layer to be able to effectively override or modify it though. Things very easily break when I attempt to make changes.

Their as-delivered image builder creates an executable and the only way to update their board is to boot into linux on the board and run that executable (on the board) to update the secondary flash, then boot into the secondary flash and update the primary...which takes forever on QSPI NOR. Yeah, they disabled the jtag interface so you HAVE to be in a boot-able linux image on the board to update it.

My development model is to reconfigure to use nfsroot while developing and configuring and only update the flash for relatively solid release to be tested.

but thanks...will investigate the commands you mentioned. I really do need a quick way of seeing the authoritative version of a task though.

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