Re: package requires different glib version

Khem Raj

On 02/24/2012 02:33 PM, Saxena, Rahul wrote:

Had a question on Glib. The configuration script of one of the packages
I am trying to build requires glib >= 2.31.10 ,

but the Edision branch has 2.28 version. What does one generally do in
these type of cases ?
You can backport glib (or whatever package you need upgraded)recipes
from oe-core/master if they are there
usually that would be best case

glib is core package and a lot of other packages depend on it
so integrating new version into your tree could be significant work

another option could be figure out what features from new glib are
being used by this new package and would it be possible for you
to disable them then you can just patch this one package to
bahave with existing glib that would require only this new package
to change. If I were you I would prefer this option if its viable


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