Re: one way hash analogy of yocto

Mikko Rapeli

On Fri, Jul 31, 2020 at 08:45:17AM -0400, Rob Prowel wrote:
What I really need is information about introspection or the ability to
query an existing yocto distro to return data about features included and
more to the point, to understand EXACTLY where recipes or classes are
overridden or appended. You can only do so much with recursive grep and
find scripts. Based on what I've seen so far, it seems that capability is
lacking in yocto.

In essence I have what is like a one way hash ABCDEFG-->X and I have X but
cannot fully figure out the whole input that generated it.

An example would be an overridden task method like


I need a quick way to determine the highest priority level that task was
overridden or appended in for a given recipe.

a command like "bitbake -describe -c do_something my-recipe"
bitbake -e my-recipe ?

Maybe grep for the variable of interest?

and it should also be possible to query this kind of information for
variables and not just methods or tasks.

Do these tools exist or am I looking at parsing megabytes of verbose build
data and tracing output to find what I'm looking for?

and no, I didn't create the distro...I'm an end user customer who was given
an undocumented distro with quazi-proprietary BSP layers in it that not only
describe our specific product purchased, but the vendor's others products as
well, which complicates matters.

When adding layers, only way to be sure is to actually review the layers
and their bbappends. I tend to BBMASK everything out which I haven't checked
at least on BSP layer side. Open source layers from yocto community are better.



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