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Khem Raj

On 7/27/20 10:09 PM, wrote:
I am trying to build a yocto *demo-coreip-cli* image for my custom RISC-V SOC which only supports *imafd* instructions. For the compilation of cross toolchain that is used by Bitbake, I tried changing recipe and recipe in openembedded-core layer by including “*–with-arch=rv64imafd*” in "*EXTRA_OECONF* " variable. Is there anything else I am missing or doing wrong? Thank You.
I think you could start by defining new tune files for this look into
meta/conf/machine/include/riscv/ and also to understand the underlying mechanism, we currently have lp64 and ilp32 options available, its not clear what particular ABI you are looking for ( is it rv32 ? ) but you can encode it there and then use the right tunes in your machine to use it.

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