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Darren Hart <dvhart@...>

On 02/29/2012 04:27 PM, Chris Larson wrote:
On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 5:11 PM, Darren Hart <dvhart@...> wrote:
When a new user goes to write a recipe and add a patch or other file,
they need to understand FILESDIR and where to put these additional
files. I scanned the reference manual and the dev manual and came up
mostly empty handed. The one glipse of it is in section 5.1.4 of the
Reference Manual:

It is useful when making changes directly to the work directory files to
do so using the Quilt tool as detailed in the Modifying Package Source
Code with Quilt section. Using Quilt, you can copy patches into the
recipe directory and use the patches directly through use of the SRC_URI

Unfortunately, this doesn't say where the recipe directory is and what
it should be named.

Is this documented somewhere that I missed? If not, Scott can you add
this task to your list of doc gaps?
FILESDIR hasn't actually been used (or, shouldn't have been) for
years. FILESPATH replaced it.
Sorry, I should have said FILESPATH - that's what I get for not looking
it up. The situation is unchanged though.

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