Re: ERRORS while building customized yocto image for Raspberrypi #yocto

Quentin Schulz

Hi Bhavya,

On Fri, Jul 24, 2020 at 09:12:09PM -0700, wrote:
Hi Quentin

I tried changing it but facing same kind of error during Build.
Your S = "${WORKDIR}" is probably wrong then.

Is there only a directory "at the root" of the tarball? I mean if you
untar it, do you get one directory where all your source code is? In
that case, if the subdirectory is named "gsm-${PV}" (replace PV with the
correct and full number), you don't need to define S because the default
should be just enough IIRC.

Otherwise, S = "${WORKDIR}/<whatever_name_of_the_dir_in_gsm-${PV}.tar.gz_is>"

Finally, since your license is not in the tarball (but it should really
be actually), you need to prefix your LIC_FILES_CHKSUM with "../"
otherwise the license won't be found.

Moreover, you can't reassign twice the same variable and expect them to
be merged. That's what you did for SRC_URI but I missed that you also
did it for LICENSE, if it's dual licensed: LICENSE = "GNUC | GPLv3" or
LICENSE = "GNUC & GPLv3", the meaning is obviously not the same but you
only can know what to put there.

N.B.: You still need the SRC_URI as I gave you in an earlier mail.


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