Re: meta layers priority using BBFILE_PRIORITY in layer.conf is not working for me?

Mans Zigher <mans.zigher@...>

Thanks why I did not think of that. Anyway it works so thanks again.


Den tis 14 juli 2020 kl 14:12 skrev <Mikko.Rapeli@...>:


On Tue, Jul 14, 2020 at 02:08:37PM +0200, Mans Zigher wrote:
I figured it out the problem was that in meta-layer1 we had
SRC_URI_append_machine1 += "file://0001-patch-one.patch" this
apparently will always be added to the end of SRC_URI list and
thereby the meta-layer2 patches will be applied first. Is it possible
to get machine specific patches applied first?
You can try with SRC_URI_prepend_machine1.



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