Re: meta layers priority using BBFILE_PRIORITY in layer.conf is not working for me?

Mans Zigher <mans.zigher@...>

I figured it out the problem was that in meta-layer1 we had
SRC_URI_append_machine1 += "file://0001-patch-one.patch" this
apparently will always be added to the end of SRC_URI list and
thereby the meta-layer2 patches will be applied first. Is it possible
to get machine specific patches applied first?


Den tis 14 juli 2020 kl 13:29 skrev zigext <mans.zigher@...>:

I have debugged and everything looks good it produces a list
of the bbappend files that matches the expected result so something is
screwing it up when the recipe is baked since I can see that the order
is wrong when dumping the environment for the virtual/kernel.


Den tis 14 juli 2020 kl 11:21 skrev zigext <mans.zigher@...>:


I am using thud for my distro and I have two bbappend for my kernel I
need to make sure that meta-layer1 is parsed before meta-layer2 to get
the patches applied in the right order. So the patches in meta-layer2
need to be applied after meta-layer1 patches have been applied. I have
adjusted the BBFILE_PRIORITY accordingly so layer1 has 1120 and layer2
has 1110 based on "A larger value for the BBFILE_PRIORITY variable
results in a higher precedence." but whatever I do I am still getting
the wrong order and do_patch is failing. Any pointers to what I am
doing wrong? I must be doing something wrong that is preventing the
BBFILE_PRIORITY in my layer.conf to have an effect. Running
"bitbake-layers show-layers" shows the expected output but when
running the do_patch it is wrong and when dumping the env using
"bitbake -e virtual/kernel" it is clear the order is wrong.


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