DNF package reinstallation

Hugh Boddington

I’ve got a fresh image, hot off the press with a clean install from dunfell (febbe2944c…).  I deploy it to my target machine as a fresh install, overwriting the whole storage array.  I’m using DNF as my package manager and I copy the packages from the build output to my web server.  On the target machine, I run ‘dnf upgrade’ and it hits the package repo and tells me that there’s a number of packages that need to be ‘reinstalled’.  No upgrades, conflicts etc – just reinstalled.  The packages don’t appear to have much in common – some are packages from my layers, some are unmodified poky packages.  I cannot figure out why dnf thinks they need to be reinstalled when it’s a fresh install and there’s only one version of everything.  I also can’t figure out the magic incantation to get dnf to tell me how it arrived at this conclusion.


Can anyone shed any light on this problem?  It’s driving me mad.  If I allow it to reinstall the packages and re-run ‘dnf upgrade’ I just get the same reinstallation list.

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