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Thanks for noting this. What happens when we release software is that the manuals are released as well. The released manuals become the "current" version of the manuals. Any bugs or errors with the documentation are addressed with the next version under development. We try our best to keep the "current" manuals in sync with the released tarball versions of the manuals. Sometimes, there are critical things that are caught after the tarball is generated and the "current" manual will have to be changed.

As an FYI, the "latest" versions of the manuals have areas under development, writer notes sometimes embedded in the text, and incomplete areas. However, they are the very latest work.


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I'm working through the experience for someone new to embedded Linux
development to use the Yocto Project, and I believe I found a problem
with the current quick start manual.

I followed the instructions in the manual for "Building an Image" and
the bitbake build failed. I dug into the build logs and found that it
appeared all the errors were due to the lack of a perl module. I
noticed that the current manual doesn't list getting the
"libxml-parser-perl" package, and the "latest" manual does (thank you
google). I added that package and now everything works.

So I presume that the current manual is in error or there is a
syncing problem?

I'm running ubuntu 11.10 32 bit and the poky-edison-6.0.tar.bz2
tarball as in the commands in the quick start manual.


p.s. yes I am keeping a lot of notes as I go through this process. :-)

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I ran into the same problem a few weeks ago on Ubuntu. If you check
the documents under development, the package was added to the list fo
-Sean Liming


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