Re: Building a clean image without using sstate-cache

Quentin Schulz


On Mon, Jul 06, 2020 at 11:08:31AM +0300, Shlomi Vaknin wrote:

I'm trying to run a clean build without using the sstate-cache shared
directory, so we can check that everything is working properly and also
update our sstate-cache shared folder every now and then.

I have the SSTATE_MIRRORS defined in my site.conf using "?=" operator.

When I try to export this variable as empty string and then build the
image, the image is built using the cache.

How can I override the SSTATE_MIRRORS when running bitbake or run a clean
build without using sstate-cache?
IIUC, SSTATE_MIRRORS is just a way to prepopulate your local sstate-cache.
So you'd need to have SSTATE_MIRRORS="" but also change SSTATE_DIR to some
path where no sstate-cache is so that the local sstate-cache isn't also


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