Re: how does "bitbake meta-toolchain" map to a particular "image" when generating SDK?

Robert Berger


My comments are in-line

On 05/07/2020 22:24, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
  i'd assumed as much, but is there a reason that the meta-toolchain target
is not mentioned at all in the SDK manual? Would that not be the right
place to mention it, even briefly?
I guess it depends on the definition of the SDK vs. just the toolchain.

With a toolchain alone not much can be done. You need a sysroot as well to build against.

The SDK is built against some software stack and actually contains more headers and libs than what shows up in the image.

SDK is toolchain + sysroot

meta-toolchain buils only the toolchain. You'll need to install the sysroot manually somehow.


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