current Quick Start manual bug?

Nicholson, Andrew <andrew.nicholson@...>

I'm working through the experience for someone new to embedded Linux development to use the Yocto Project, and I believe I found a problem with the current quick start manual.

I followed the instructions in the manual for "Building an Image" and the bitbake build failed. I dug into the build logs and found that it appeared all the errors were due to the lack of a perl module. I noticed that the current manual doesn't list getting the "libxml-parser-perl" package, and the "latest" manual does (thank you google). I added that package and now everything works.

So I presume that the current manual is in error or there is a syncing problem?

I'm running ubuntu 11.10 32 bit and the poky-edison-6.0.tar.bz2 tarball as in the commands in the quick start manual.


p.s. yes I am keeping a lot of notes as I go through this process. :-)

Andrew Nicholson
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