how crippled is ruby support in YP 3.0?

Robert P. J. Day

background: trying to get ruby and a number of ruby gems migrated
from "morty" to "zeus", and nothing but grief trying to
compile/install ruby gems.

plan A: start with standard YP layers all checked out to "zeus", and
add vendor layer -- still similar grief.

current plan: start from absolute scratch, new project targeting
x86_64, all layers checked out to "zeus", and build for
core-image-minimal (*that* i know i can do).

then, little by little, add ruby content. has anyone here worked
with ruby and ruby gems extensively and has had to struggle to get
stuff working? as soon as this basic build is done, i'm going to just
add "ruby" to the image, and from there, start adding gems one by

should i expect this to go smoothly, or should i expect the pain
i've been through for the last couple days?


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