Re: #yocto Using BBMASK or BBFILES with multiconfig #yocto

Joshua Watt

On Fri, Jun 26, 2020 at 9:55 AM <schadley@...> wrote:

Hi all,

I'm working on a project using multiconfig, with Yocto version 2.6. I'd like to enable or disable an entire layer, depending on which multiconfig is selected. My initial thought is to use BBMASK, and mask out undesired layers in a multiconfig conf file, but I'm having trouble getting this to work.

For example, I have layers meta-vm0 and meta-vm1, and multiconfigs vm0 and vm1. I want to mask the files from meta-vm1 when the vm0 configuration is selected. So, I add to vm0.conf:
BBMASK = "meta-vm0/recipes-core/init-ifupdown/init-ifupdown_1.0.bbappend"
However, the file still is included in the build.

If I add the same line to layer.conf instead, the file gets masked correctly. Is there some syntax I am missing that's different between layer.conf and multiconfig conf files? Also, is there a better way to accomplish this goal - say by editing BBFILES directly in the multiconfig conf file?
Support for doing this was just recently added on master, and is due
to be released until the 3.2 release. If you need it on 2.6, you'll
have to backport it yourself. If you look on master for commits by me
(JPEWhacker@...) you can find the relevant things to backport.


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