Go toolchain in SDK

Robert Berger


What is the "proper" way to add the Go toolchain to an SDK nowadays (dunfell)?

I saw there is in poky:


but I am not quite sure how to build an SDK with meta-go-toolchain included.

so I added something like that to local.conf which seems to work for the "classic" SDK:

# --> golang stuff
# attempt to add golang to SDK
packagegroup-go-cross-canadian-${MACHINE} \

${@multilib_pkg_extend(d, 'packagegroup-go-sdk-target')} \
# <-- golang stuff

bitbake core-image-sato-sdk -c populate_sdk

and currently also for:
bitbake core-image-sato-sdk -c populate_sdk_ext

I don't think that's the way it was intended.

Can you please enlighten me?



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