Re: minutes for Yocto Project Technical Team Meeting / Engineering Sync - June 9 2020

Tim Orling

On Tue, Jun 9, 2020 at 2:16 PM Trevor Woerner <twoerner@...> wrote:
Yocto Technical Team Minutes, Engineering Sync, for June 9 2020

== disclaimer ==
Best efforts are made to ensure the below is accurate and valid. However,
errors sometimes happen. If any errors or omissions are found, please feel
free to reply to this email with any corrections.

== attendees ==
Trevor Woerner, Jan-Simon Möller, Stephen Jolly, Trevor Gamblin, Bruce
Ashfield, Scott Murray, Paul Barker, Michael Halstead, Jon Mason, Richard
Purdie, Joshua Watt, Armin Kuster, Tim Orling, Sathishkumar Duraisamy,
henriknj, Ross Burton, Jeremy Puhlman

== notes ==
- 2.7.4 released last week
- 3.1.1 built, but has issues, not sent to QA yet
- M1 early next week (to build)
- thanks to AlexK for lots of fixes

== general ==
    problems with 3.1.1. qemu(-mips?) failed with taskhash mismatches, not
    sure why

    devtool, patchtest, patchwork, and wic looking for maintainers
    patchtest/patchwork still on python2, needs 2→3 update. patchtest
    should be moved to OE-core so it can be noticed by more people

    lots of recipe upgrades, happy with where master is (wrt to recipe
    versions), still need to update qemu to 5

    did RP see my patch to mc-depends to make it backwards compatible?
    dismayed it was more complex than hoped, but looks okay
    i’m using a proxy object otherwise we need to duplicate a lot of code
    with a lot of if’s
    saw the BBMASK thing for multiconfig that needed index checking, sad
    that we’ll be stuck with that going forward (in mostly for
    backwards compatibility (e.g. file checking). another option is to have
    a new API and append a ‘2’ to the end so callers will call the right
    things (old or new). the code’s probably going to get worse and worse
    with every new parameter we want to add (in the future)

    re multiconfig, sometimes the old full “multiconfig” string
    doesn’t work but the new “mc” string does, can we drop
    “multiconfig”? changed in 2.7? or 3.0? there’s a bugzilla somewhere.
    some code handles both, some doesn’t
    we can get rid of it, despite the expected screaming

    re devtool, reports on mailing list that devtool isn’t mc-compliant
    we have a horrible hack for PRserver
    highlights the need for a dedicated maintainer

    re patchwork, are using a newer version of patchwork that is
    python3-compatible, is maintained, but missing some things we need
    i looked at’s gitlab, they’ve made a lot of changes
    from where we forked from them, they’re also using python3 and django2.
    going with mainline will miss features that we’re used to
    make a list of the gap items, then decide if we can live without these
    i looked at the fd.o’s patchwork and saw that many of the things we
    added to our fork have been added (but differently) in fd.o’s. e.g. we
    added a superseded feature, doesn’t seem to be on any other patchworks
    would like to spin up concurrent patchworks to see how the react to the
    mailing list
    good idea, maybe we can work together on that
    for patchtest it seems obvious what steps are required, patchwork less
    might be a lot of work to compare ours with fd.o’s patch by patch to
    we need to figure out if we can live with some upstream version, to cut
    down on the effort of having our own fork
    but it’ll cause a lot of pain if, for example, the superceded feature is
    we’re better off putting resources elsewhere. upstream looks hard, but
    i think patchwork-fdo looks like it might work, maybe easier to submit to
    patchwork-fdo rather than upstream?
    maybe fdo would really like a superceded feature, they split from
    upstream for same reasons as us, they probably share the same frustrations
    agreed, we should reach out to them
    we should get a list first before reaching out
    we probably have about 30 patches on top of upstream, although most of
    them of them are probably just to add the supercede feature

Captured notes and recent research/discovery in the bug:
We have 49 commits since forking from patchwork-fdo.
Upstream patchwork-fdo has 166 commits since we forked.

    is there anything in bugzilla? 13684 is a django update
    to take action to capture this discussion in bugzilla
    Amber working on layerindex, but maybe we can have her work on this too
    (not a promise), she has a lot of django experience

    re perl dependency. there’s an existing oe-package-data util script,
    i’m using almost exact same code in a bitbake task, should this be
    refactored to lib/oe?
    sounds good, but depends on the implementation, in general i’m in favour
    of strong APIs in lib/oe. e.g. “packagedata” is too generic. the
    history was that was created as a way of pulling code out
    of a bbclass

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