License files path

Teemu K.


Is there a way to determine where the license files are stored? It
would help a lot in automatizing build system when you'd know where to
copy licenses from.

They go to build/tmp/deploy/licenses, but then license.manifest
containing list of all the licenses in an image is under that
directory on directory that changes pretty much every time image is
built. Sometimes also the latest directory contains only
image_license.manifest, but license.manifest and package.manifest is
missing. I haven't been able to track down that issue either.

So is there way to determine which path the licenses were stored in?
And how to generate image so that it will always generate
license.manifest and package.manifest as well?

I noticed that in that licenses - directory there is directory with
image name, but it's not link to latest directory so I can't use that.
Seems that it only lists license/version info for image recipe.


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