Re: #apt #linux #yocto #raspberrypi., apt, gcc, sudo not present #yocto #apt #linux

Ross Burton

On Wed, 27 May 2020 at 11:06, Siddhartha V <Siddhuvgowda.18695@...> wrote:

  I built the image for Raspberrypi3B+ board. But when boot the board gcc, apt, sudo were not there. Actually only the poweron and poweroff and few basic commnds like, ls, mkdir, whoami were working. May I konw what wrong I did while building please.

I am using yocto warrior. I used "bitbake core-image-base" command for building.

You did nothing wrong, precisely. core-image-base is a base image that doesn’t do much beyond boot into a working command line environment.

If you want a working toolchain (gcc and friends) on the image then add “tools-sdl” to IMAGE_FEATURES. By default toolchains are not included because they’re huge and not needed.

If you want apt then first change the package manager to deb by changing your explicit assignment of PACKAGE_CLASSES. This builds the image with apt, and if you also want a working apt and package database in the image then add package-management to IMAGE_FEATURES.

To add sudo, simple add sudo to IMAGE_INSTALL.

I recommend looking up those variables in the documentation to understand what they do.


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