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Am 27.05.2020 um 12:06 schrieb Siddhartha V:
  I built the image for Raspberrypi3B+ board. But when boot the board gcc, apt, sudo were not there. Actually only the poweron and poweroff and few basic commnds like, ls, mkdir, whoami were working. May I konw what wrong I did while building please.
This sounds like you actually want an ubuntu. Why not just use it, then? Beating a yocto build into shape will always just leave you wanting and complaining, unless you are willing to get rid of your assumptions.

The frist things you have to get out of your head are expecting apt, sudo and gcc on the board.

- no apt, because the images are usually constructed at build time including all expected software. Runtime package management is actually rarely needed.
- no sudo, because you can just log in as whatever user you want to. And in the product case it has no use because usually people do not login, hence no need for its security means.
- no gcc, because all compilation is meant to happen at image building time, or at least on the development host.

Of course this is only a very generic, top-level explanation and use cases diffee. But If the mindset does not fit right from the beginning, then there only lies trouble ahead.


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