Re: #apt #linux #yocto #raspberrypi., apt, gcc, sudo not present #apt #linux #yocto

Mark Van De Vyver <mark@...>

Hi Siddhartha,
Caveat: This is generally what I've done, and not specific to any rpi or rhel setup....
If you run `bitbake -e core-image-base | grep "^IMAGE_FEATURES" you'll be able to see what was configured.
You can also filter *_FEATURES to get a better idea of what went on in terms of machine and compatible features.
Next, with that data in mind you can read the ./<build-folder>/bitbake-cookerdaemon.log
When reading this you will see various files are loaded - opening each of them in turn you might see some code that turns off what you expected to have installed.
Or you might notice that the packages you expected to be installed were never put forward for installation.
Not sure if that helps.  I've run into some wrinkles where a package wasn't available, and became so only after adding a 'seemingly' (to me that is) unrelated layer - but in those cases I got a warning the package could not be found.  Sounds like that **is not** happening here.  Sorry I can't be of better assistance.



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