how to un-blacklist a blacklisted recipe?

Robert P. J. Day

asking what is almost certainly a silly question, but as i'm poring
over the wind river LTS 19 (aka "zeus") developer's guide, i know that
WR adds a feature for un-blacklisting blacklisted recipes via the
PNWHITELIST variable, but the guide says something quite different in
that it suggests that one can clear a blacklist from a recipe by
setting the blacklist message to the empty string, as in:

PNBLACKLIST[recipe] = ""

um, wut?

oddly, there is no mention of WR's PNWHITELIST feature on that page,
so i assumed that 1) someone forgot to update the guide to mention it,
and 2) setting the message to the empty string might be the standard
YP way to do it, but i'm pretty sure that won't work.

is there a way to un-blacklist a blacklisted recipe using standard
YP? the reference manual entry for PNBLACKLIST doesn't suggest so:



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