nodejs 12.16 in Yocto 2.2 compatiblity


I am cross compile nodejs 12.16 recipe for ARM v7 target using Yocto 2.2. I can built nodejs as a individual task (i.e. bitbake -c compile)  (with some changes in recipe) with dependency over openssl 1.1.1b recipe from Yocto 2.6. But further build (i.e. bitbake nodejs)  fails with dependency rpm-native's compile which depend on default  openssl 1.0.2j from sysroot folder (STAGING_DIR) (currently has openssl 1.1.1b's header files at sysroot folder). My aim to have quiet build of nodejs with dependency on openssl 1.1.1b only and rest of build depend over openssl 1.0.2q. Finally with reference from sysroot (STAGING_DIR), image must contains both openssl versions (1.1.1b, 1.0.2q) share libraries.
Please let me know your inputs. 

Thanks  & Regards
Manjunatha Srinivasvan N

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