Re: [ptest-runner] Added output processing to pytest

Alexander Kanavin

On Fri, 22 May 2020 at 05:54, zangrc <zangrc.fnst@...> wrote:
+               char pytest_append[] = "| sed -e 's/\\[...%\\]//g'| sed -e 's/PASSED/PASS/g'| sed -e 's/FAILED/FAIL/g'|sed -e 's/SKIPPED/SKIP/g'| awk '{if ($NF==\"PASS\" || $NF==\"FAIL\" || $NF==\"SKIP\" || $NF==\"XFAIL\" || $NF==\"XPASS\"){printf \"%s: %s\\n\", $NF, $0}else{print}}'| awk '{if ($NF==\"PASS\" || $NF==\"FAIL\" || $NF==\"SKIP\" || $NF==\"XFAIL\" || $NF==\"XPASS\") {$NF=\"\";print $0}else{print}}'";

Is it possible to process the output directly, rather than tweak it via sed/awk shell pipelines that are very difficult to read?


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