Re: Is there a relationship between the sstate and the machine?

Mikko Rapeli


On Wed, May 13, 2020 at 10:36:49AM +0200, Mans Zigher wrote:
I am using a build environment based on the yocto project from one of
the big HW suppliers in the mobile industries. They are continuously
breaking the principles behind the yocto project and at one point they
managed to break the sstate cache because they are doing things in
there own way instead of using what already exists. They managed to
fix the sstate cache but it now looks to only work when using there
machines when I am defining my own machine even though it is a copy of
one of theirs the sstate cache it is not working. The sstate cache is
detect and the SSTATE_DIR is correct but it finds only a handful of
matches and builds the rest from scratch. Is there a logical
explanation for this? Or is this yet again some custom crap that this
supplier have done. FYI if you know what supplier I am talking about I
would very much recommend staying the hell away from them this is the
worst linux distro I have ever worked with both on the build and on
the system it is some kind of freak combination of a normal linux
system and android worst combination ever.
This is a common problem. It is likely that I know which SoC supplier you
are talking about and have had the exact same issues. We have managed to
fix or workaround all of them. In most cases by reducing what the SoC layers
do by BBMASK'ing all non-essential BSP recipes, reverse engineering the
machine configuration and bbclasses to only use bare minimal ones.

I can only hope that our feedback in terms of patches and workarounds also
going back the supplier chain(s) and you at some point see the same patches.
For example we updated the yocto open source layers from 2.5 sumo to 3.0 zeus
with very minimal support from the SoC and other suppliers and their layers
are still only compatible with 2.5 sumo, officially. Also switched from
using a custom Android based binary toolchain(s there were multiple
at some point) to using meta-clang.

If you have detailed question or problems, it would be nice to discuss them
here, but I know that some details may be closed. At least some general
aspects how to debug issues may be discussed without exposing too much
details or, well, company names.



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