Re: [oe][yocto][bitbake] Fetching source using different protocols

Quentin Schulz

Hi Mohamed,

On Mon, May 11, 2020 at 11:03:26AM +0200, Dawod wrote:

I need to fetch a git repo using 2 different protocols ( ssh & https )
So that when I run bitbake, It will fetch using ssh protocol first and if
it fails to fetch, It will try to fetch using https protocol.
Why? What's the exact use case?

can I do some thing like that or I will have to change it manually every
time ?
Maybe you could play with PREMIRROS? (I've never explicitly used that
variable though):

I guess the asterisk parts could be removed and the path to more or less your
source could be used (ssh first, to http path in your SRC_URI)?

That's a shot in the dark for me but something to test I'd say :)


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