Re: adt-installer: cannot install package autoconf-nativesdk

Joshua Lock <josh@...>

Hi Andrea,

On 24/02/12 05:40, Andrea Galbusera wrote:
The installer was built against the latest version of its recipe as
per commit c6ec5a0d9e31a1694aba25e2ff76f1c933e556d5,
adt-installer-0.1.8+svnr596-r6. I guess a change was made with commit
de68393270d5455b4861d38cef3f081b9667d25f which requires installing
autoconf/automake-nativesdk but relevant ipks are missing from, which is still default
in latest adt_installer.conf.

Am I guessing right? First time digging into the adt_installer so I
might be completely out of track! Is this a known limit if building
adt_installer with latest edison branch? Should I file a bug for this?
If so, what's the best solution right now? Maybe using the edison
original adt_installer from the yocto downloads...
This sounds like you've correctly deduced the issue - it looks like there may be required changes which need backporting to the edison repository - I'm currently running some builds to verify this.

Please do report this information on bugzilla so that we can track it. It's my first time digging into the ADT installer too so it may take a couple of days to pull together all of the required fixes.

Joshua Lock
Yocto Project "Johannes factotum"
Intel Open Source Technology Centre

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