BSP layer for Firecracker: Sensible? Advisable? #yocto #linux


I'm exploring the use of yocto to build [kernels for Firecracker VM's (vmlinux, initrd and rootfs)](  I'm still at the point of working out what should be setup. Right now we're setup to build for many kernels and variants, so I'm pretty sure the yocto setup costs are worthwhile in the longer term.

A goal will be to squeeze out maximum performance and/or minimum-size. so I'm wondering would a BSP layer deliver any benefit?  The Firecracker VM has a very small device list, with support for Intel x86_64 and ARM64 CPU's.  The devices are: "only 5 emulated devices are available: virtio-net, virtio-block, virtio-vsock, serial console, and a minimal keyboard controller used only to stop the microVM"

Appreciate any suggestions and feedback.

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