Re: Adding python3 remotely

Sean McKay

Assuming you’re using the default rpm packaging, you can extract the contents of the rpm (from tmp/deploy/rpm/<target>) file to a staging directory using rpm2cpio and piping to cpio (easiest way I know of to extract an rpm) and then scp/rsync/etc the files into the right places.


That being said, you’ll now have a “package” that wasn’t installed by the package manager on the system, so it could cause weirdness when you do finally get it up and running. I’d strongly recommend trying to get the packaging to work correctly… is rpm (or whatever packagemanager you’re using) installed on your target? Does it work if you try to copy the whole package on manually and install it with the package manager, rather than going through the whole sources process for updating?


-Sean McKay


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Hi all - 


I'd like to add python3 to my OS - I can add and build it just fine, but at the moment I can't physically access my board. I've never been able to get the OS to update properly remotely, though I think there should be a way since I'm booting from SD. That aside, can I just copy the built python3 files to the proper places in my OS (/usr/lib, /usr/bin, etc) and have a working python3 on the board? If so, which files do I need? I've been unable to get it to work thus far by just poking around the workdir files. 



Emily Smith

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