Re: Building gutenprint recipe

Randy MacLeod

On 2018-07-07 6:02 a.m., Timm wrote:
There was a gutenprint recipe back in OE-Classic:
But currently there is no gutenprint available for Yocto.

Did you ever get the gutenprint recipe to work?
Are you able to add it to meta-oe or share
what you have done so far here?

I tried to build my own recipe. But I got stuck at the stage where the
build process wants to call some generated binaries:
    | ./extract-strings `cat xml-stamp | sed -e
's;^;../../../gutenprint-5.2.11/src/xml/;'` > xmli18n-tmp.h.tmp
    | /lib/ No such file or directory
So, I introduced a "native" recipe, which just compiles the
"extract-strings" for me:
SECTION = "libs"
require gutenprint_${PV}.bb
DEPENDS = "gettext-native"
inherit native autotools
        --disable-libgutenprintui2 \
            --disable-samples \
        --without-gimp2 \
        --without-doc \
        --disable-nls \
        --disable-nls-macos \
        --without-foomatic \
        --without-foomatic3 \
        --disable-escputil \
        --disable-test \
        --disable-testpattern \
        --without-cups \
do_compile() {
    oe_runmake -C src/xml/ extract-strings
The next step is quite unclear for me? How can I tell the build system
not to generate the extract-strings again and use the native instead?
As reference I used the build scripts from openwrt and buildroot. But
I'm not able to translate this build steps to Yocto.

# Randy MacLeod
# Wind River Linux

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