Re: Guidance Downgrading Python2 in Zeus #python

Sean McKay

FYI, we’re doing the same internally (vendor supplied FIPS supported openssl 1.0.2), and the layer Armin suggests worked for us on zeus with minimal additional tweaking.


Good luck!



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On 4/15/20 9:16 AM, MikeB wrote:

I'm working on a set of platforms that have a FIPs certified OpenSSL.  We are at version 1.0.2l.

I've found that the new version of python in Zeus (2.7.17) requires a newer version of OpenSSL (1.1).

We really don't want to go through a new round of certification, so we want to keep our current OpenSSL (1.0.2l).

I think the easiest solution is to downgrade python 2 back to the version used by Sumo (2.7.15).

I know how to downgrade simple recipes, but python is far from simple.

Can someone give me some guidance on how to approach the downgrade of python2 in Zeus?

Have had a chance to look at this layer?

- armin

Thanks, Mike



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