Re: Guidance Downgrading Python2 in Zeus #python

Armin Kuster

On 4/15/20 9:16 AM, MikeB wrote:
I'm working on a set of platforms that have a FIPs certified OpenSSL.  We are at version 1.0.2l.

I've found that the new version of python in Zeus (2.7.17) requires a newer version of OpenSSL (1.1).

We really don't want to go through a new round of certification, so we want to keep our current OpenSSL (1.0.2l).

I think the easiest solution is to downgrade python 2 back to the version used by Sumo (2.7.15).

I know how to downgrade simple recipes, but python is far from simple.

Can someone give me some guidance on how to approach the downgrade of python2 in Zeus?

Have had a chance to look at this layer?

- armin

Thanks, Mike


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