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Randy MacLeod

On 2020-04-14 11:51 a.m., Ajam Ali wrote:
Hi Randy,
In my image most of the size is consumed by heavy size packages.
So i have given this task of image size reduction to application team.
If i will remove the dependencies then may be some feature get disabled which could be needed.
Till now i am able to remove only python3 from dependencies.
Thanks for the summary Ajam.

Ajam Ali
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On 2020-04-04 12:27 p.m., Ajam Ali wrote:
Hi All,

Thanks for your suggestions. I am working on your suggestions.
I will let you know if it did not work for me.
It would be useful if you could reply either way.
If there's still a problem then perhaps someone can help.
If you are able to resolve the issue, then a brief summary
of what you did could help the next person who has a similar

Ajam Ali

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Op 29-03-2020 om 18:28 schreef Ajam Ali:
Hi All,

Actually my current image size is 3.9GB because of heavy size packages
required by my project and without project required packages my image
size in Yocto is 800MB.
So your project adds 3.1GB right

I want to reduce the image size as maximum as possible.
3.1GB is huge. Compare to f.i. Libreoffice (installed 0.5GB or so).
Either your own code has a lot of fat, or you are pulling in lots of
packages you don't really need. But is there no way to advise you
without knowing more.

Please suggest the best possible way so that I could reduce the maximum
possible size(desirable below 1.5 GB).

Thanks in advance,
Ajam Ali

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