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Bob Cochran

On 02/22/2012 08:57 AM, Koen Kooi wrote:

Op 14 feb. 2012, om 15:52 heeft Bob Cochran het volgende geschreven:

Hello All,

I see that a meta-oracle-java layer showed up recently in the yocto repositories. That's great.

Was there an announcement about this new layer sent on a mailing list or posted in a blog? I had thought I was on all the yocto-related mail lists (, but I wasn't aware of this layer until I just read through the repository list (

I did find a mention about some jdk work in the technical team meeting notes on 1/24, but it was sort of cryptic. By any chance, is there an openjdk layer coming soon?
It has existed for a while now:

See for more layers

Thanks Koen and Ivan. I now have both the jvm and compiler working on my embedded powerpc (started with OE meta-java last night)!

I'm still somewhat puzzled about the dynamics between Yocto and Openembedded, and I have come to conclusion that I need to watch both projects & mailing lists carefully & start asking some questions to get me out of the dark....

I think my initial question about an openjdk layer for yocto is still valid. Although meta-java exists in OE and it makes use of the common meta folders in oe-core, the meta-java layer also makes use of some recipes in other OE layers (e.g, mercurial in meta-oe & fastjar, which I pulled from classic). These additional layers didn't seem to play nicely in the yocto poky tree, so I pulled the recipes and put them in my own layer.

This next question probably shows some of my ignorance with OE (& yocto), but what's the plan inside yocto for use of something like OE's meta-java? Are yocto users just on their own, should there be a README for use of the OE layer in yocto, or maybe there should be a translation layer in yocto for use of popular or common OE layers?

Also, I was working from within master branches in both yocto poky & meta-java. I found that I needed to fudge some recipes to get everything in meta-java to build. I'll probably go back and rebuild from scratch again and see if there are some patches that I should send out.

Thanks again for the heads up on meta-java!


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