boost monthly download limits

Andrew Geissler


Recently, the OpenBMC project started to hit Basically
the site that hosts the boost packages has a monthly download limit and once
hit, starts to fail.

There was a commit last year,
which moved from using sourceforge to I don't see a reason in
the commit message but I suspect it was because sourceforge for some reason did
not mirror 1.71.0. They have 1.70.0 and 1.72.0 but not 1.71.0. I opened
to try and understand why this was.

Given the download limitations of, does it make sense to try
and move back to sourceforge? Someone also had recommended we just grab
from github (i.e.

This issue will reset on the first of the month but could come back and bite
us again in the future. Anyone else hit this or looking into it?


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