Bugzilla Downtime and Upgrade February 24th

Michael Halstead

We will be upgrading Bugzilla and moving servers on Friday February
24th. Traditionally Friday after 3pm PST is a low usage time and ideal
for an upgrade. The Saturday after gives ample time for recovery in case
of exceptional problems.

Here is the timeline, I'm setting aside a 3 hour window but only 30
minutes should be needed.
3:00pm Current Bugzilla goes down and DNS is changed.
3:30pm Bugzilla is back up and available for use. I will update the list
with any new information.
4:00pm bring up a read only copy of Bugzilla 3.x for comparison and
4:00-6:00pm repair any issues found in real time.
6:00pm Fall back point, if 4.x is having problems this is when we will
revert to version 3.6.

Michael Halstead
Sys Admin / Yocto Project

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