Minutes: Yocto Project Technical Team Meeting - Tuesday, February 21, 2012 8:00 AM-9:00 AM (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Liu, Song <song.liu@...>

Saul, Beth, Paul, Belen, Darren, Bjorn (from Sweden), Mark, Richard, Jeff, Jeremy, Joshua, Jason, Jessica, Sean, Michael,
Message to the team:
- Please take a look at the task board, move features in development stage ASAP and send Song, Richard email if there's something you cannot make it for M3.
* Opens collection - 5 min (Song)
* Yocto 1.1.1 point release update - 10 min (Josh/Beth)
- Saul: There are 3 new bugs reported, Josh: only one, useradd/n450,
- meta-intel bugs: 1988, 1990
- We had build, QA have tested it, the weekly report is out.
- The bugs should not block the release. Joshua will schedule the release readiness meeting after the full QA report.
* Yocto 1.2 M3 status - 10 min (Song/Team)
- Dexuan, Shane, Dongxiao have over worked for at least 2 weekends to make sure we deliver P1 items.
- HOB2 redesign implementation, 80% done in 2 weeks, still one week left. it's looking good but it's still tight.
- Build appliance has patches out for review and merging. Mostly done.
- Multilib: 'world' is done, need help on testing.
- 1598: Jeremy has some cycles this week or next, Paul will follow up on this one with Jeremy
- 5 high bugs
- 1915: still high, waiting for upstream, upstream won't have update until June or so. Jessica will follow up to come up with a workaround.
- 1859: Darren will take a look at this one.
- 1950: Darren will follow up on this one this week. We can release without this one though. Darren will lower the priority to medium.
- 1928: No response from Koen, Mark will follow up.
- If you have any package update tasks, please sync with Saul.
- Darren: 1886, 1840 need new owner, Saul will follow up.
* SWAT team rotation: Jiajun -> Darren
* Opens - 10 min 
- Saul: catching up on pull requests, catching up week this week, Saul and Richard will sync on this.
- Michael: Bugzilla plan has been sent out, Bugzilla will be unavailable 3-3:30 PDT time this Friday. Michael will send out reminder before that.
* Team Sharing - 20 min
- Richard: Great to meet a lot of people at ELC. Chris Larson, memory consumption. I got some analysis tools to look into this memory issue. 10MB/process. If anyone would like to share something on this issue, please send email to me. It's good to look at this and think about future directions.
- Michael: productive for me to meet all the people. Working on automated testing, etc.
- Is there any video done for YDD day? There will be a lot of videos. It's done by LNF, Daniel.

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