Re: Include B in image only if A is used

Peter Kjellerstedt

You could do:


RRECOMMENDS_${PN} += "networkmanager-custom-config”


in networkmanager_%.bbappend, and then:


COMPATIBLE_MACHINE = "<your machine>"


In the networkmanager-custom-config recipe. That should not cause the networkmanager recipe to become machine specific, but it will still pull in your configuration for your machine.




From: yocto@... <yocto@...> On Behalf Of Nicolas Dechesne
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Subject: [yocto] Include B in image only if A is used




what would be the proper/best mechanism to enforce that package_B is included in an image only if package_A is also included? This is mostly a 'BSP' fixup. My current need is that for a given machine, we need a custom/specific networkmanager configuration file. So I would like from the BSP layer to ensure that if anyone builds an image with networkmanager, then my networkmanager-custom-config package is also added.


of course, I can do a bbappend, but that make networkmanager 'machine' specific.. is there anything else that could be done from the BSP layer? Any existing hook or event I could use?



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