Re: yocto on tinkerbaord using meta-rockchip

Philip Balister

On 3/20/20 3:10 AM, Yann Dirson wrote:
Wow, I'm suprised to discover this meta-rockchip :)

Rockchip engineers also publish a meta-rockchip on Github (, although
nowadays it's mainly Jeffy Chen publishing on

Those two repos seem quite complementary, Jeffy being focussed on kernel
4.4, and Trevor on mainline.
Wouldn't it make sense to merge all this work in a single place ?
Yes :) But you observe the key issue, Trevor is correctly focused on the
upstream kernel and the vendor layer on an old vendor kernel. The vendor
kernels rapidly turn into maintenance nightmares over a product lifetime.


Le ven. 20 mars 2020 à 02:59, Trevor Woerner <twoerner@...> a écrit :

Hi Karthik,

On Thu, Mar 19, 2020 at 9:36 PM karthik poduval
<karthik.poduval@...> wrote:
Thank you for you work on meta-rockchip layer. You were listed as the
maintainer for meta-rockchip so I though I will send you a mail with
an issue I was facing.

I was trying to flash an image on a Asus tinker board using
meta-rockchip. Here are the steps I followed.

git clone git://
git clone git://
source poky/oe-init-build-env
bitbake-layers add-layer ../../meta-rockchip/
MACHINE=tinker-board bitbake core-image-minimal

#flahsed it using the following command to sdcard (my sdcard was dev/sde)
sudo dd

after inserting sdcard and booting up I can see on the serial console
it attempts to boot, crosses bootloader and proceeds to linux boot but
then gets hing around dwmmc_rockchip loading.

Attached the complete serial log. Your help is greatly appreciated.
According to the log, your board is a "tinker-board-s", please try
using that for your MACHINE instead of "tinker-board".

Thanks and best regards,

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