Re: What are the key factors for yocto build speed?

Mike Looijmans

On 19-03-2020 12:04, Richard Purdie via Lists.Yoctoproject.Org wrote:
, fetch, configure, package and rootfs tasks.
Sadly these tasks are much harder.
It would be really great if some sort of "weight" could be attached to a task. This relates to memory usage.

My system has 16 cores but only 8GB RAM. With both parallelization options to "16", I might end up with 16 compile tasks running 16 compile threads each, i.e. 256 running processes. In practice this doesn't actually happen, but the memory load gets high sometimes, so I reduce the TASKS to 8 at most. That has kept my system out of swap trouble for the time being.

The idea was that tasks get a "weight" in terms of cores they'll use, and the scheduler takes that into account. So it would run 16 do_configure tasks (weight=1) in parallel, but it would not start a new task that would push the weight over some number (say 40 for my case). So it would start a third compile, but not a fourth, but it would start a do_configure task.

Does that make sense?

In builds involving FPGA's I have tasks that take up about 48GB of RAM (my machine cannot run them) but only a single CPU core. Attempting to run multiple of these in parallel (happened to me when I changed some shared recipe content) will bring most machines to their knees. Currently my only way of handling that is manual interference...

Mike Looijmans

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