Re: How to PROVIDE boost-python


Hi Laurent and Quentin - 

Thank you both so much for your help! 

I did just end up patching the source code for my recipe - I had to both add the 3 and remove the -mt, and the OS does build now! If the sw does what I need it to is another question, but we shall see. 

Thanks again! 

On Wed, Mar 18, 2020 at 10:37 AM Quentin Schulz <quentin.schulz@...> wrote:
Hi Emily,

On Wed, Mar 18, 2020 at 10:16:23AM -0500, Emily wrote:
> Hi Laurent -
> Unfortunately I don't have full control over the repo that's using
> boost_python-mt so I'm not sure I can switch it right now.

You can create a patch for it. You can use devtool modify <your-recipe>
and create the patch from there, you have access to the sources with
that. devtool build <your-recipe> to check it builds okay.

> I realize this is not a long-term solution, as I'll need to update that
> code (and my OS) to python3 soon, but for now I've just copied the boost
> recipe from this commit
> <>
> to
> my own layer, and added a BBMASK to the openembedded-core's boost recipe.
> This seems to work, except I get a QA error from the commit I'm using for
> the boost recipe now:

I don't think there is a need for BBMASK, you should be able to set
PREFERRED_VERSION_boost = "1.63.0" in local.conf or your machine
configuration file.

> ERROR: boost-1.63.0-r1 do_package: QA Issue: boost: Files/directories were
> installed but not shipped in any package:
>   /usr/lib/
> Please set FILES such that these items are packaged. Alternatively if they
> are unneeded, avoid installing them or delete them within do_install.
> boost: 1 installed and not shipped files. [installed-vs-shipped]
> ERROR: boost-1.63.0-r1 do_package: Fatal QA errors found, failing task.
> ERROR: boost-1.63.0-r1 do_package: Function failed: do_package
> I found a log
> <> that
> mentions this exact error, and also mentions a patch that fixes it - I've
> tried and thus far failed to find that patch. I'm not sure if this will
> actually work, but I thought I'd check and see if anyone had any ideas.

If all of this is really temporary you can install it in some package,
or even create a new package for it. (PACKAGES =+ "boost-numpy",
FILES_${PN}-numpy = "/usr/lib/").

No more ideas tbh. I would try to patch "your" SW first and see if it
brings you somewhere, but that's what I would do, each their own way.


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