Re: What are the key factors for yocto build speed?

Martin Jansa

On Wed, Mar 18, 2020 at 05:52:37AM -0700, Oliver Westermann wrote:

We're currently using a VM on Windows and it's a lot slower than the native linux build (which is expected).
We're looking into getting a dedicated build server for our team (basically a self-build tower PC). Any suggestions what to put in that build to get the most out of it?

Currently we're looking at a big Ryzen, 64G of RAM and one or multiple SSDs on a "consumer grade" board like the X570.

Suggestions, hints and links welcome :)
Other replies look good to me, here are few additions:

If you want to compare how terrible your current VM compares with some
other builders, you can use:
I wouldn't be surprised if your VM performs even worse than +- 200USD
ryzen 1600 system.

I would be happy to apply pull requests from other people in this
thread with their suggestions.

You didn't mention the budget, but big Ryzen is definitely good choice.

You also didn't mention how "big" your typical builds are, if you're
building something as big as the webengines used in test-oe-build-time,
then it might be worth to spend a bit extra on 3970X Threadripper if
budget allows.

I'm still looking for someone with access to Epyc (ideally 7702P or
7502P), because it's only a bit more expensive than corresponding
Threadripper, but without the unfortunate limitation to 8 DIMM slots
with difficult to buy 256GB sets:,-Ultra-Capacity-DDR4-Memory-Kits-for-HEDT-Platforms
will be nice when it gets finally available. On Epyc on the other hand
you'll get 8 channels instead of 4 and much less issues to find
compatible kit (even with ECC support). If the performance is
significantly better than 3990X, then 7702P might be much better option
for "professional" builder - as long as you can cool server
mother board in tower PC efficiently enough.


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