Re: How to PROVIDE boost-python

Quentin Schulz

Hi Emily,

On Wed, Mar 18, 2020 at 10:16:23AM -0500, Emily wrote:
Hi Laurent -

Unfortunately I don't have full control over the repo that's using
boost_python-mt so I'm not sure I can switch it right now.
You can create a patch for it. You can use devtool modify <your-recipe>
and create the patch from there, you have access to the sources with
that. devtool build <your-recipe> to check it builds okay.

I realize this is not a long-term solution, as I'll need to update that
code (and my OS) to python3 soon, but for now I've just copied the boost
recipe from this commit
my own layer, and added a BBMASK to the openembedded-core's boost recipe.
This seems to work, except I get a QA error from the commit I'm using for
the boost recipe now:
I don't think there is a need for BBMASK, you should be able to set
PREFERRED_VERSION_boost = "1.63.0" in local.conf or your machine
configuration file.

ERROR: boost-1.63.0-r1 do_package: QA Issue: boost: Files/directories were
installed but not shipped in any package:
Please set FILES such that these items are packaged. Alternatively if they
are unneeded, avoid installing them or delete them within do_install.
boost: 1 installed and not shipped files. [installed-vs-shipped]
ERROR: boost-1.63.0-r1 do_package: Fatal QA errors found, failing task.
ERROR: boost-1.63.0-r1 do_package: Function failed: do_package

I found a log
<> that
mentions this exact error, and also mentions a patch that fixes it - I've
tried and thus far failed to find that patch. I'm not sure if this will
actually work, but I thought I'd check and see if anyone had any ideas.
If all of this is really temporary you can install it in some package,
or even create a new package for it. (PACKAGES =+ "boost-numpy",
FILES_${PN}-numpy = "/usr/lib/").

No more ideas tbh. I would try to patch "your" SW first and see if it
brings you somewhere, but that's what I would do, each their own way.


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