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Bruce Ashfield

On Tue, Mar 17, 2020 at 2:41 PM Fred Baksik <fdk17@...> wrote:

What is the best way of excluding a kernel configuration fragment?

I am trying to disable sound support in the kernel. I can create a fragment for this but then this conflicts with the other existing fragments.
For example when using meta-intel and removing sound support then you will receive warnings like:

WARNING: linux-intel-4.19.73+gitAUTOINC+a7cb57afb9_ca05e9cd64-r0 do_kernel_configcheck: [kernel config]: specified values did not make it into the kernel's final configuration:

---------- CONFIG_USB_AUDIO -----------------
From: /.../build_corei7-64/tmp/work-shared/intel-corei7-64/kernel-source/.kernel-meta/configs/v4.19/standard/intel/features/usb/usb-gadgets.cfg
Requested value: CONFIG_USB_AUDIO=m
Actual value:
That fragment is part of the BSP definition, and has been defined as
"hardware dependent", which is why you get the warning when you
disable it.

What you are doing, is the right way to do things, unless you modify
the source fragment directly.

There is a way to silence the warning, but declaring it as "non
hardware", aka optional.

Can you send me the exact layers/branches you are using, and I'll
confirm the right thing to do with a local build. This isn't commonly
done, and I'm worried it may have bitrotted and don't want to waste
your time. I'll write regression test for the functionality at the
same time, so it will be doubly useful for me.


I haven't had much luck with the documentation finding how to prune machine features and fragments; I may just misunderstand how this is supposed to be done.

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