#yocto [meta-raspberrypi] Unused memory never used #yocto



I am building a solution on top of raspberrypi 3a+. I am having problem that around 50% of available memory never gets used by the node applications and instead the kswapd kicks in and after a while the rpi doesn´t respond anymore. I seems that 50% of the available memory is locked. I have tried the apps on the raspbian buster image and the memory is allocated as expected.  

My yocto setup is like this:

- meta-oe
- meta-python
- meta-multimedia
- meta-networking
- meta-raspberrypi
- meta-mender-core
- meta-mender-raspberrypi
- my-custom-layer

I have added a little swap file (4MB) just in case kswapd needs it (my goal is to remove that since I don´t want to get my SD card destroyed). I have added gpu_mem=16 to restrict memory allocation from GPU. I don't use the camera (not activated VIDEO_CAMERA = "1")

What am I missing? 


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