Re: git fetcher: does not execute git fetch --tags or similar when HEAD has not changed

Alexander Kanavin

Right, now I see what you mean. The build process does not rely on static metadata in the source tree to determine the version, and is instead poking the git checkout to determine what the version is? That's not established practice. You should write the version into a file in the source tree, then create a commit, then tag that commit with the version.

Alternatively, you could pass in ${PV} to the build process instead as a command line parameter.


On Mon, 16 Mar 2020 at 12:52, Matthias Schöpfer <matthias.schoepfer@...> wrote:
Hi Alexander,

thanks for your message. I will try to explain my issue once again,
since it still seems not clearly formulated. We build our images on CI
(Jenkins). There, we have a shared download dir, so that we do not have
to fetch all sources on every build. This gets shared for our
"experimental" builds, that use latest git master HEAD (yes, evil
AUTOREV) and our "stable" builds, where only tagged (i.e. no AUTOREV
versions) are used. Our software uses the git tag to create a version.
So, when on experimental, you might get something like:

# ourCoolSoftware --version
This is ourCoolSoftware version 1.2.3-3 (gabcdef1)

What happens is, that people check their changes on the experimental
build. After testing, it is considered for the next release, so they
attach a version tag to the git repository and update the _<version>.bb
accordingly. Now they build the image with the "stable" profile. But the
hash "abcdef1" has not changed. Hence, although we pushed a new tag,
yocto git fetcher does not update the cached download git, since git
hashes match (same with SRCREV). Which means, even tough we have a
recipe with SRCREV="abcdef1..." which will
build the correct hash, our software checks the local repository, which
is missing the last tag and will still be reporting a wrong version
1.2.3-3 for example.

If we were to do a
bitbake -c cleanall ourcoolsoftware && bitbake ourcoolimage

then we get
# ourCoolSoftware --version
This is ourCoolSoftware version 1.2.4 (gabcdef1)

because we artificially force a complete fetch of the repository.

We usually do a clean build (no sstate / tmp / etc.) but we use the
download dir, because we do not see why we would need to download gcc
etc. every time. A workaround would be to bitbake -c cleanall our
packages, but it seems hacky and prone to error (need to keep lists of
our used software in at least two places). My question is therefore, if
this is a "bug" and if we were to investigate this and propose a patch,
if this could this be considered for merge, or if this behaviour is
intentional and adding a fetch --tags would be considered harmful in any

Hope, I could bring my point across now.

Thanks and Regards,


On 3/16/20 9:43 AM, Alexander Kanavin wrote:
> 'devtool upgrade' updates SRCREV to match the version tag that you specify:
> devtool upgrade -V <tag>
> If you omit -V, it will upgrade to the latest tag. It updates PV as
> well. Why is it unsuitable for you?
> Alex
> On Mon, 16 Mar 2020 at 09:35, Matthias Schöpfer
> <matthias.schoepfer@...
> <mailto:matthias.schoepfer@...>> wrote:
>     Hi Alexander,
>     does it solve the Problem of a SRCREV, that has been fetched (for
>     example for a _git testbuild) and now gets a tag applied and build with
>     the _<version> build. The problem is *not* that the yocto PV package is
>     wrong *nor* that the wrong version of the software gets build! The
>     problem is, that the tag does not get fetched and our software gets its
>     version from the git tags. Since this is very convenient to have the
>     version information in one place only, we will not change this.
>     Thanks and Regards,
>         Matthias
>     On 3/15/20 5:02 PM, Alexander Kanavin wrote:
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>      >
>      >     2) It allows for very convenient bump of versions. We develop a
>      >     product,
>      >     so, version bumps are on daily or weekly basis. All that is
>     needed
>      >     is to
>      >     rename the .bb file. No need to edit SRCREV.
>      >
>      >
>      > You can trivially script SRCREV updates ('devtool upgrade'/'devtool
>      > finish'). The disadvantage of using tags is that you lose
>      > reproducibility, as tags can be moved or deleted, and so I wouldn't
>      > encourage this practice.
>      >
>      > Alex
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