Re: git fetcher: does not execute git fetch --tags or similar when HEAD has not changed

Matthias Schoepfer

Hi Denys,

On 3/13/20 5:29 PM, Denys Dmytriyenko wrote:
Why not use SRCREV?
Also, bitbake has its own mailing list.
1) Would SRCREV not be affected by this as well? When the same hash is read, then no update of the repository (esp. the tags) is done. Or can you be sure this is not the case?

2) It allows for very convenient bump of versions. We develop a product, so, version bumps are on daily or weekly basis. All that is needed is to rename the .bb file. No need to edit SRCREV.

3) I am sorry if I used the wrong mailing list for this. I will repost on the other list as well.



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